Batman & Robin #1 – Year of Hell Part I

Batman and Robin

One Long Year From Now

Gotham wasn’t the same as it used to be. That sort of thing happened when a great catastrophe befell a city like Gotham. Fire. Death. Destruction. So many bodies. So many lives lost. The damage tore down into the very heart and soul of the city and everyone that had called it home.

That was then though, this was now. The last year had been long and hard for most of the city’s inhabitants and now that a new Gotham stood in ti’s place, they were looking to move on. It was shiny and fancy, most reminders of the old Gotham gone. Borrowing from Metropolis, Gotham had entered and leapt past the 21st century. Wayne Enterprises, Luthorcorp, and so many others had played a part in the rebirth of Gotham.

Harvey Bullock didn’t like new things, they made him uneasy. Slightly yellowed teeth came down hard upon the small stick of wood that rested between them. It had almost seemed to cease being a toothpick as long as he’d been gnawing upon it. A baggy brown trench coat billowed around the man, half the man he used to be in fact. A dramatic weight loss had come over the last year and it suited him well. No more being out of breath from just walking up the stairs. Still he hated it, because it was new. Because the cost that came with the new him and the new city was too much to have paid.

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